RedEagle Drums

<<< The drum echoes the heartbeat of Mother Earth and all living things.>>>

REDEAGLE DRUMS are individually hand-crafted using all high-quality, natural materials. The drum heads are made from a variety of hides: Deer, Elk, Horse, Cow, Moose, Buffalo, Bear, Goat. The eight-sided drum frames are made from Minnesota cedar and the round frames are maple plywood. The skins have been harvested by conscientious, legal hunters in game management areas. We use materials that would otherwise be discarded. No animals were killed for the sole purpose of making our items.

handpainted drums
drums with rattler and buffalo skull

REDEAGLE DRUMS artisans can create and customize a variety of specialty items.
They will accept hides for special orders; hand-crafting a unique and personalized keepsake drum.

All Drums, Spirit Pouches, Lampshades, Shakers & Drum Bags, Rattlers are handmade and one of a kind . You can view and choose from a variety of examples of Painted Drum Designs, and Lampshade Styles, select from a variety of hides for your Drums, and materials used in the making of Drum BagsShakers Rattlers and Spirit Pouches.
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